EU Returns

Help maximise your revenue and avoid the additional duties and re-importation costs to get your goods back into the European Union.

Our EU Returns Management Service helps businesses to manage goods that have been imported into the UK from the EU, but that subsequently cannot be sold through the normal distribution network. This may be because they are consumer returns, end of line stock, surplice stock, have had a quality issue identified and so on. In the past, these circumstances these goods may have previously been returned back to the EU.

Since Brexit, this can mean having to pay significant costs in order to get this done! With the introduction of new documentation, taxes and duties, the return of goods may not be the most cost effective solution for dealing with such goods.

Our services help businesses to avoid these lengthy and costly returns duties.

Repack Services will work with you to understand the best and most cost effective solution in order to deal with these goods and maximise the return that you can get from them. This may include rework or sorting of the stock, grading or sale/ distribution through alternative sales and distribution channels.